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Interbuild Limited Prefab Systems

Our systems provides a modern alternative to traditional building construction methods. Our expertise in lightweight steel framing (LSF) and prefabricated Cold Formed Steel (CFS) wall panels and Floor Systems ensure our clients receive economical benefits from our process.

Advantages of the Interbuild Systems

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Why We Should Work Together on Your Next Project

Our extensive experience on every facet of LSF construction allows us to provide you with security that your project is managed the right way.

The variety of services we offer from estimating to construction phase allows you to have one point of contact through the entire duration of the project.

With our added value engineering services, we can assist you through the design phase of the your project. This workflow reduces time and adds cost saving to you.

Fast Track Project Schedule

Our project management engineering & design team is assembled to provide support and coordination throughout the various phases of the project.

Design & Build

We provide a competitive design-build process using our systems in combination with other structural elements such as structural steel and cast-in-place concrete.

Engineered CFS Wall Panels Prefabricated in a Controlled Environment with Exceptional Precision

Off site prefabrication of CFS, wall panels resulting in faster on-site erection, minimal on-site wastage and savings in site storage space of raw materials. It allows services such as electrical wiring, plumbing to be expediently installed.

Using the latest BIM Technology in Design and Fabrication

Using BIM technology with our pre-engineered and prefabricated systems we are able to coordinate and execute the design build process with speed and precision.

Efficient On-Site Panel Erection

Our prefabrication capability allows for simultaneous work to be done on and off the site resulting in faster erection and efficient installation of all structural components This adds’ time and costs benefits to your project.

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