Making Experience Really Matter.

We work with developers and lead architects in major Design and Build projects. Some of our clients and regions:

  • Resorts in South America
  • Residential Condo in North America
  • Residential Condos in the Caribbean
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Educational Facility
  • Commercial/Mixed Use Building
  • Industrial Mezzanines

Our diverse experience of managing different types of projects also extends internationally. We are able to provide solutions and meet different site and schedule requirements of a project based on its geographical location.

Our experienced on-site construction team has erected structures even at the most challenge working conditions from high winds of the Caribbean to the scorching heat of the Middle East.

Benefits Of Cold Formed Steel Framing

Cold Formed Steel strength and non combustible properties offer greater protection for buildings than wood. It is impervious to termites and wood destroying insects. It is also less susceptible to damage like cracking due to shrinkage or warping.

It is more cost effective and dependable. With minimal on-site wastage and high recycling rate compared to other construction materials, its environmental impact is minimal.

Cold formed steel framing allows more flexibility in building design. It enables larger span and less interior loadbearing walls are needed. The same exterior finishes can be applied used in standard construction.

Benefits of Prefabricated Wall Panels

Cold Formed Steel components are assembled in an indoor environment. This allows a more stringent quality control and measurement for each assembled panels. The usage of compression table on studs and tracks insure a tight fit and enable the finish panel to be set and bear the loads once installed on site.

With the walls being assembled off site and ahead of time, it allows others to occupy the construction area simultaneously to do their work without delay. This result in faster erection times for all the structural components on a project. This method provides time and costs savings benefits to clients.

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