Our cold-formed steel prefabricated systems build structures that are fast-tracked and cost effective

At Interbuild Limited our commitment to excellence begins with our quality control process, trained and experienced staff, and application of the latest technology.

All project details are managed, engineered and constructed with our client’s shared vision of timely completion and valued expectations. We provide design-build services in collaboration with your engineers for our systems in the residential, commercial, and institutional construction industry.

Our engineered Cold-Formed Steel Prefab Wall Panels are prefabricated in a controlled environment with exceptional precisions using the latest BIM technology both in design and fabrication. This eliminates any errors which allows for efficient erection of panels in turn enabling us to fast-track project construction with expediency.

We provide engineering support, fabrication drawing, manufacturing, and installation services for our cold-formed steel prefabricated systems. Reach out and see how we can assist in your project.

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